Access control solutions.

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Take control of access with ease.

Our access control system provides high levels of protection for your company, allowing you to monitor and control access to ensure a strong security system for various types of businesses, including medical, hospitality, and residential facilities.

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Advantages of the access control system.

  • Control over people's entry and exit, allowing you to know who enters and leaves at all times.
  • Preventing intruders from infiltrating institutions and linking the system to alarm devices to enhance security.
  • Tracking employees within institutions and recording attendance and absence using fingerprint devices, which helps improve time and attendance management.
  • Securing sensitive documents and data by restricting access only to authorized personnel, and using electronic locks to protect them from hacking and theft.

Network connectivity.

It supports network connectivity and can support various access control functions, whether it is a simple single-door system or a more complex one.

Flexible management systems.

Flexible and convenient access management that allows for tracking of visitors through its built-in software to allow access, and set entry and exit times.

Facial recognition.

The system recognizes unauthorized access through facial and fingerprint recognition, and in this case, the door remains locked due to encryption.

Effective control management.

By using the TCP/IP-based internet network, it is possible to easily monitor the entry and exit paths, status at the door, and track them effectively.

In addition to the previously mentioned features, we provide you with a high-quality installation service for access control systems.

"We can provide professional solutions for time and attendance management, access control management, visitor management, salary management, and door lock systems at competitive prices."

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