Surveillance camera solutions

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​Monitor your home, office, or factory remotely using the latest technologies and security surveillance camera systems.

​"Silken provides you with the strongest and most affordable offers for the sale and installation of surveillance camera systems in Saudi Arabia. If you are looking for a surveillance camera

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Powerful and reliable cameras

We have chosen cameras from world-renowned brands to ensure video quality and to facilitate the operation of your business or factory.

Excellent security solutions

​With our security systems, you can watch live footage captured by the external surveillance system

Ease of use

​Our cameras are known for their ease-of-use, and we also offer customer service that is available at any time to clarify usage and answer inquiries

The importance of surveillance cameras

"Experience the power of modern surveillance technology. With the rapid development of information technology, we have adapted to the changes in every aspect of our lives, leading to the emergence of the field of security surveillance. Thanks to this technological advancement, surveillance cameras have become high-quality and cost-effective, providing various-sized companies with seamless and high-security advantages. Among the benefits that surveillance systems offer are:"

  • Ability to remotely monitor and track using mobile devices or computers.
  • Monitoring the workflow in factories, companies, and institutions, which helps increase productivity for employees or workers.
  • Detection and monitoring of resource waste and theft that may occur due to negligence.
  • Reducing losses and increasing revenue while improving worker productivity.
  • Protecting private and public properties from acts of vandalism
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"The products we offer."





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